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Arden NC Real Estate

Located in the southern part of Buncombe County, North Carolina, Arden is a charming unincorporated community that exudes Southern hospitality and natural beauty. Here’s a glimpse into what makes Arden a unique and inviting destination:

1. Location and Landscape

Arden is situated between Skyland and Fletcher, near the border with Henderson County. With an elevation of 2,218 feet (676 meters) above sea level, Arden enjoys a picturesque setting in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.

2. Cultural Heritage

The name “Arden” draws inspiration from the Forest of Arden, a setting in William Shakespeare’s comedic play “As You Like It.” This literary connection adds a touch of whimsy and cultural significance to the community. Arden was founded in 1872 by Charles Willing Beale, an author who left his mark on the area’s history.

3. Educational and Recreational Opportunities

Arden is home to Glen Arden Elementary School, providing educational opportunities for the local community. Additionally, Christ School, a private Episcopal school for boys, is located within Arden. The presence of these educational institutions contributes to the community’s vibrant and diverse character.

4. Natural Retreats

Lutheridge, a Lutheran Camp and Conference Center affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), is nestled within Arden’s embrace. This tranquil retreat offers a serene setting for spiritual reflection and outdoor activities, making it a valuable asset for both locals and visitors.

5. Historic Significance

Arden boasts several historic structures that reflect its heritage. The Blake House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, stands as a rare example of the Gothic Revival Style in North Carolina. Additionally, the Oak Park Historic District, established in 1927, showcases more than 15 homes from the period, providing a glimpse into the community’s architectural evolution.

6. Boundless Beauty and Proximity to Asheville

Surrounded by the majestic Appalachian Mountains, Arden captivates with its natural beauty and inviting landscapes. The community’s proximity to Asheville, part of the Asheville Metropolitan Statistical Area, offers residents and visitors easy access to both urban amenities and outdoor adventures.

Arden’s unique blend of history, culture, and scenic allure makes it a hidden gem within the vibrant tapestry of Buncombe County. As this charming community continues to evolve, it remains a testament to the beauty and diversity of the North Carolina landscape.

6. Arden NC Real Estate

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